Happy Monday morning the 19th of September, getting close to what my wife calls my Accountant time of the year. Accountants turn off their lives for a few months of intense work till all hours. We here at Leverty Insurance Strategies have a similar time of the year where work is intense and sometimes some very long days.

I’ve said before, the best part of this time of the year is getting to reconnect with customers. The hard part is that it can become a conveyor line as everyone’s time to chose and review is all crammed into one two to three month period. Forgive me if I am slower to getting back to you.

So, here’s my latest thoughts on call recording. I’ve asked my phone company to record all calls and begin by welcoming callers with the two disclaimers I’m required to say before connecting with me. My agency that I write a lot of my business with has a new program that will start recording calls from the initial start of the call, including the disclaimer. The upside is the full call, with disclaimer, is recorded. The downside is the calls need to go to a different phone number. The new number for Medicare people to call is 952-295-3830.

We hope this works perfectly so we’re starting it right away.

Thanks for reading!!!